Advanced Penetration Testing Training And Certification Course in Rohini

Advanced Penetration Testing Training And Certification in Rohini is purely real hardcore practical-based Penetration Testing Course in Rohini. Penetration Testing Training is based on the process of Penetration Testing of the network, web application, mobile application, etc.

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What will you Learn in Advanced Penetration Testing Training and Certification in Rohini?

Advanced Penetration Testing Training and Certification in Rohini covers 29 comprehensive modules

➜ Module 01: Introduction
➜ Module 02: In-Depth Scanning
➜ Module 03: Exploitation
➜ Module 04: Command Line Fun
➜ Module 05: Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux
➜ Module 06: Bash Scripting
➜ Module 07: Practical Tools
➜ Module 08: Active Information Gathering
➜ Module 09: Passive Information Gathering
➜ Module 10: Introduction to Buffer Overflows
➜ Module 11: Buffer Overflows
➜ Module 12: Fixing Exploits
➜ Module 13: Locating Public Exploits
➜ Module 14: Antivirus Evasion
➜ Module 15: File Transfers
➜ Module 16: Windows Privilege Escalation
➜ Module 17: Linux Privilege Escalation
➜ Module 18: Password Attacks
➜ Module 19: Port Redirection and Tunneling
➜ Module 20: Active Directory Attacks
➜ Module 21: PowerShell Empire
➜ Module 22: Trying Harder: The Labs
➜ Module 23: Penetration Test Breakdown


About Course:


➝   Course Duration : 60 Hours
➝   Course Level : Intermediate
➝   Language : English, Hindi
➝   Course Delivery : Classroom Training
➝   Include : Training & Certificate
➝   Course pdf : Click here to Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Rohini

Most penetration testing positions will require some amount of programming ability, both in scripting languages such as Perl and in standard programming languages such as Java. Aspiring penetration testers

The average salary for a Penetration Tester is ₹5.00.000 P/A in India.

A more complex environment requires more labour to virtually walk through the network and exposed web applications looking for every possible vulnerability. Methodology: each pen tester has a different way they conduct their penetration test. Some use more expensive tools than others, which could increase the price.

Python or Ruby are commonly used in pentesting for creating your own tools.

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. In the context of web application security, penetration testing is commonly used to augment a web application firewall (WAF).

CompTIA PenTest+ is a certification for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability assessment and management. ... Cybersecurity professionals with CompTIA PenTest+ know-how plan, scope, and manage weaknesses, not just exploit them.

Five Phases of Penetration Testing
  • Phase 1 – Reconnaissance. Reconnaissance is the act of gathering information on or about your target to better plan out your attack. ...
  • Phase 2 – Scanning. ...
  • Phase 3 – Exploitation/Gaining Access. ...
  • Phase 4 – Maintaining Access. ...
  • Phase 5 – Covering Tracks.

Why is pen testing important?
Preparation For An Attack 

The main reason penetration tests are crucial to an organization's security is that they help personnel learn how to handle any type of break-in from a malicious entity. Pen tests serve as a way to examine whether an organization's security policies are genuinely effective.